Rodney and Ruth Burton's Genealogy Pages

Heathfield, Sussex, England


Tree: The BURTON Tree

City/Town : Latitude: 50.9667401, Longitude: 0.2564428


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURTON, David  21 Dec 1833Heathfield, Sussex, England I46 The BURTON Tree 
2 BURTON, Elizabeth  09 Jul 1820Heathfield, Sussex, England I352 The BURTON Tree 
3 BURTON, George  1835Heathfield, Sussex, England I106 The BURTON Tree 
4 BURTON, George  14 Jul 1840Heathfield, Sussex, England I49 The BURTON Tree 
5 BURTON, James  10 Mar 1830Heathfield, Sussex, England I355 The BURTON Tree 
6 BURTON, James  1833Heathfield, Sussex, England I78 The BURTON Tree 
7 BURTON, John  1854Heathfield, Sussex, England I221 The BURTON Tree 
8 BURTON, Margaret  Abt 1833Heathfield, Sussex, England I107 The BURTON Tree 
9 BURTON, Martha  10 Dec 1829Heathfield, Sussex, England I43 The BURTON Tree 
10 BURTON, Mary  10 Dec 1829Heathfield, Sussex, England I44 The BURTON Tree 
11 BURTON, Ruth  26 Sep 1827Heathfield, Sussex, England I354 The BURTON Tree 
12 BURTON, Ruth  1838Heathfield, Sussex, England I48 The BURTON Tree 
13 BURTON, Ruth Anne  Abt 1871Heathfield, Sussex, England I224 The BURTON Tree 
14 BURTON, Sarah  21 Apr 1825Heathfield, Sussex, England I353 The BURTON Tree 
15 BURTON, Sarah  30 Jan 1836Heathfield, Sussex, England I47 The BURTON Tree 
16 BURTON, Thomas  21 Dec 1831Heathfield, Sussex, England I45 The BURTON Tree 
17 BURTON, William  27 Dec 1822Heathfield, Sussex, England I356 The BURTON Tree 
18 COLLINS, Eli  16 Jan 1824Heathfield, Sussex, England I191 The BURTON Tree 
19 OLIVER, Hannah  Abt 1807Heathfield, Sussex, England I103 The BURTON Tree 
20 PARSONS, Elizabeth  1827Heathfield, Sussex, England I255 The BURTON Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURTON, Thomas  18 Jun 1873Heathfield, Sussex, England I45 The BURTON Tree 
2 BUTTON, Mark  25 Jul 1867Heathfield, Sussex, England I20 The BURTON Tree 
3 LAMBERT, Elizabeth  06 Sep 1850Heathfield, Sussex, England I14 The BURTON Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, George  16 Aug 1857Heathfield, Sussex, England I392 The BURTON Tree 
2 BUTTON, James  30 Aug 1835Heathfield, Sussex, England I24 The BURTON Tree 
3 BUTTON, Mark  14 Jul 1840Heathfield, Sussex, England I20 The BURTON Tree 
4 BUTTON, Reubin  24 Dec 1833Heathfield, Sussex, England I23 The BURTON Tree 
5 MANN, Luke  26 Feb 1845Heathfield, Sussex, England I992 The BURTON Tree 
6 MANN, Luke  Between 1847 and 1864Heathfield, Sussex, England I992 The BURTON Tree 
7 PARSONS, George  29 Apr 1827Heathfield, Sussex, England I150 The BURTON Tree 
8 WILMSHURST, Stephen  Between 1858 and 1862Heathfield, Sussex, England I422 The BURTON Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 JENNER / BURTON  14 May 1823Heathfield, Sussex, England F87 The BURTON Tree