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Hailsham, Sussex, England


Tree: The BURTON Tree
City/Town : Latitude: 50.8646120, Longitude: 0.2552340


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURTON, Alice  Abt 1883Hailsham, Sussex, England I646
2 BURTON, Barbara  1802Hailsham, Sussex, England I128
3 BURTON, David  1840Hailsham, Sussex, England I185
4 BURTON, Delia  1813Hailsham, Sussex, England I124
5 BURTON, Emily  1853Hailsham, Sussex, England I184
6 BURTON, Frances  19 May 1805Hailsham, Sussex, England I123
7 BURTON, George  Abt 1840Hailsham, Sussex, England I314
8 BURTON, George  1849Hailsham, Sussex, England I213
9 BURTON, Harriet  1794Hailsham, Sussex, England I126
10 BURTON, Harriet  1844Hailsham, Sussex, England I186
11 BURTON, Henry  Abt 1791Hailsham, Sussex, England I129
12 BURTON, James  Abt 1792Hailsham, Sussex, England I130
13 BURTON, James  Abt 1866Hailsham, Sussex, England I812
14 BURTON, Jane  1800Hailsham, Sussex, England I120
15 BURTON, Jane  1847Hailsham, Sussex, England I188
16 BURTON, Joseph  1856Hailsham, Sussex, England I182
17 BURTON, Marianne  1834Hailsham, Sussex, England I183
18 BURTON, Mark  1796Hailsham, Sussex, England I122
19 BURTON, Mary  22 May 1808Hailsham, Sussex, England I121
20 BURTON, Ruth  1798Hailsham, Sussex, England I127
21 BURTON, Sarah  1842Hailsham, Sussex, England I212
22 BURTON, William  Abt 1806Hailsham, Sussex, England I131
23 CAREY, Walter  Abt 1786Hailsham, Sussex, England I283
24 VINE, Frederick R.  Abt 1859Hailsham, Sussex, England I965
25 VINE, Richard  1835Hailsham, Sussex, England I273


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURGESS, Hannah  Between Oct 1877 and Dec 1877Hailsham, Sussex, England I1499
2 BURTON, Barbara  1807Hailsham, Sussex, England I128
3 BURTON, Henry  1791Hailsham, Sussex, England I129
4 BURTON, James  1792Hailsham, Sussex, England I130
5 BURTON, Jane  1860Hailsham, Sussex, England I188
6 BURTON, John  Between Jan 1868 and Mar 1868Hailsham, Sussex, England I1495
7 BURTON, Mary  1808Hailsham, Sussex, England I121
8 BURTON, Mary  Nov 1819Hailsham, Sussex, England I1505
9 BURTON, Ruth  1800Hailsham, Sussex, England I127
10 BURTON, William  1807Hailsham, Sussex, England I131
11 BUTTON, David  Between Apr 1878 and Jun 1878Hailsham, Sussex, England I1496
12 BUTTON, Samuel  Aug 1844Hailsham, Sussex, England I5
13 VINE, Louisa  Between Oct 1859 and Dec 1859Hailsham, Sussex, England I1498


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FOSTER, Mary  06 Feb 1893Hailsham, Sussex, England I1592


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BURTON, Barbara  06 Jan 1802Hailsham, Sussex, England I128
2 BURTON, Harriet  21 Jun 1794Hailsham, Sussex, England I126
3 BURTON, Ruth  30 Jun 1798Hailsham, Sussex, England I127

Census 1851

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1851    Person ID 
1 ALLCORN, George  30 Mar 1851Hailsham, Sussex, England I916


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deportation    Person ID 
1 HALL, John  21 Jan 1818Hailsham, Sussex, England I1500


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ALLCORN, George  30 Mar 1851Hailsham, Sussex, England I916
2 BURTON, Amos  Between 1845 and 1847Hailsham, Sussex, England I1640
3 BURTON, David  Between Dec 1843 and Nov 1863Hailsham, Sussex, England I1509
4 BURTON, George  Between Oct 1838 and Apr 1842Hailsham, Sussex, England I1507
5 BURTON, John  01 Apr 1827Hailsham, Sussex, England I1495
6 BURTON, John  Between 1834 and 1847Hailsham, Sussex, England I1506
7 BURTON, John  06 Jun 1841Hailsham, Sussex, England I1495
8 BURTON, John  30 Mar 1851Hailsham, Sussex, England I1495
9 BURTON, John  18 Sep 1853Hailsham, Sussex, England I1506
10 BURTON, William  10 Apr 1859Hailsham, Sussex, England I312
11 BURTON, William  11 Nov 1860Hailsham, Sussex, England I312
12 BUTTON, Samuel  10 Mar 1813Hailsham, Sussex, England I5
13 MUGRIDGE, John  14 Jun 1857Hailsham, Sussex, England I914
14 MUGRIDGE, John  31 May 1889Hailsham, Sussex, England I914
15 PIERCE, Luther  Between 1858 and 1864Hailsham, Sussex, England I1179
16 VINE, Richard  17 Jul 1859Hailsham, Sussex, England I273
17 VINE, Richard  12 Jun 1860Hailsham, Sussex, England I273
18 VINE, Richard  Between 1861 and 1873Hailsham, Sussex, England I273


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURTON / BRADFORD  01 Sep 1832Hailsham, Sussex, England F38
2 BUTTON / BURTONSHAW  01 Jan 1790Hailsham, Sussex, England F4
3 CAREY / CROWHURST  16 Nov 1810Hailsham, Sussex, England F156