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m. 30 Aug 1862


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500 Class, A Social History of George Burton and his Descendants: Sources and Notes

Written in 1981 for the Burton Family Reunion held on 25th October 1981 at Walkerville, Adelaide, South Australia. Winner of the S.A. Family History Award for 1981.


Chapter I Steam, Soot and Cinders in Sussex


Economic development: Great Britain

I. S.G. Checkland, The Rise of Industrial Society in England 1815-1855, (Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd., London, 1964).

2. W.H.B. Court, A Concise Economic History of Britain from 1750 to Present Times, (Cambridge University Press, London, 1965).

3. Phyllis Deane, The First lndustrial Revolution, (Cambridge University Press, London, 1967).

English society: Sussex and Brighton

I. Clifford Musgrave, Life in Brighton from the Earliest Times to the Present, (Faber & Faber, London, 1970).

2. Barbara Willard, Sussex, (B.T. Batsford Ltd, London, 1965).

3. Brighton Herald newspaper, 1841.

4. Railway Chronicle Travelling Charts London Brighton, (Railway Chronical London, c. 1846).

Burton family in England

I. Censuses 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871.

2. Computer File Index, Library of the South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society.

3. East Sussex Record Office.

4. Fragments of Burton Family Bible.

5. General Register Office, London.

6. Parish Registers of Arlington, Chiddingly, Hellingly, St. Nicholas's, (Brighton), Waldron and Warbleton.


I. Description of Arlington church taken from Willard. pp 163-4.

Chapter 2 The Drone of the Mighty Wind


Colonial clippers: the Hesperus

I. Captain A.G. Course, The Merchant Navy: a Social History, (Frederick Muller Ltd., London, 1963).

2. Basil Lubbock, The Colonial Clippers with Illustrations and Plans, 4th ed. (Brown, Son & Ferguson, Glasgow, 1948).

3. Basil Lubbock, The Romance of the Clipper Ships, (Hennel Locke Ltd, London, I948).

4. Alan Villiers, The Way of a Ship: the Story of the Square-rigged Cape Horner, (Hodder & Stoughton, London, I954).

5. The A.D. Edwards Collection, State Public Library of South Australia.


I. Geoffrey Blainey, The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia's History, (Sun Books, Melbourne, 1966).

Voyage of the Hesperus in 1878

I. The South Australian Register and The Advertiser newspapers, 1878, State Public Library.

2. Passenger lists and ship's papers in South Australian Archives.

3. Interviews with Lionel Washington, 21-5-1981 and Albert Burton, 24-5-1981, by author.


I. Captain Harry's report of sailing to Plymouth from The South Australian Register, 25-10-1878, p4a.

2. Emigrant's experiences during storm at sea from Blainey, p I54.


Chapter 3 Wheat Stacks and Smoke Stacks in the Granary of the South


Economic development: colonial South Australia

I. N.G. Butlin, lnvestment in Australian Economic Development 1861-1900, (A.N.U. Press, Canberra, I972).

2. J.B. Hirst, Adelaide and the Country 1870-1917: their Social and Political Relationship, (Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1973).

3. D.W. Meinig, On the Margins of the Good Earth: the South Australian Wheat Frontier, 1869-1884, (Seal Books, Rigby, Adelaide, 1970).

4. Michael Williams, The Making of the South Australian Landscape: a Study in the Historical Geography of Australia, (Academic Press, London, 1974).

Burton family in Australia

I. Assessment books, District Council of West Torrens, 1875 to 1930.

2. Conversation between Richard Washington and author, 11-9-1980.

3. Interviews with:

Albert Burton, 24-5-81;

Ernest Burton, 10-8-1980 and 24-5-1981;

Grace Quinn (nee Freer), 28-6-1981;

Anita Washington, 21-5-1981;

Horace Washington, -8-1980 and 21-5-1981;

and Lionel Washington, 21-5-81, all by the author.

4. Railway service records in Adelaide Railway Station, at Islington Works and in the South Australian Archives.

5. Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Adelaide, S.A.

6. Registrar-General, Perth, W.A.

7. South Australian directories, 1875 to 1920.

8. Western Australian Archives, J.S. Battye Library, Perth, W.A.


I. Observations on immigrants and employment from The South Australian Register, 31-10-1878. p5a.

2. George Burton's obituary in The Adelaide Chronicle, 3-8-1918, pI9e.

Chapter 4 Fishmonger to Boilermaker: Arthur Robert Burton


In addition to the “Burton family in Australia” sources cited above

I. Personal papers, documents and letter in Arthur Robert Burton's “Black Box” in author's possession.


I. Letter quoted in full and verbatim from the original in the “Black Box”.

Chapter 5 Western Solitude: George Mark Burton


In addition to the “Burton family in Australia’ sources cited above

I. Dictionary of Western Australians 1829-1914, Vol. 2 Bond 1850-1868 compiled by Rica Erikson (University of Western Australia Press, 1979) - for James Harris.

Chapter 6 A City Upbringing: Isabella Mary Washington


In addition to the “Burton family in Australia” sources cited above

I. Letter from Ruth Harrison (nee Washington) to Geoffrey Burton 21-6-1981.


I. Description of William Arnold Washington's piano playing quoted from Ruth Harrison's letter.

Chapter 7 Fifty Years' Service: Thomas Charles Burton


In addition to the “Burton family in Australia” sources cited above

I. Conversation between Hazel Woodhead, Lockleys and author, 29-1-1981.

2. Conversation between William Wade and author 21-6-1981.


I. Farewell to Tom Burton from South Australian Railways Institute Journal, September 1932, vol. I, no. 3, p6.

Chapter 8 Music, Fun and Family: Ella Sarah Freer


See the “Burton family in Australia” sources cited above.

Chapter 9 A Class of its Own: 500 Years of Service


In addition to the sources cited above for chapter 3

I. R.I. Jennings, W.A. Webb: South Australian Railways Commissioner 1922-30: A Political, Economic and Social Biography, (Nesfield Press, North Plympton, S.A., 1973).


I. Quote from A.H. Peake's Budget Speech 1912 taken from Jennings, p4.

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